Muleskinner Instruments mandolin
Muleskinner Instruments mandolin


"I love my Muleskinner Mandolin! Beauty matched in great sound! Andy was a pleasure to work with for my custom requests!"

Chloe Powell

"I have the pleasure of owning one of Andy's first mandolins; one of the first batch of four that he made. My playing leans towards bluegrass, and so I went for an A-style with F-holes. I couldn't be happier with the mandolin. It has great tone; deep and rich on the low end and clear and bell-like on the high end. It is comfortable to play, and the fit and finish are of course superb. Andy is a master guitar luthier and so it is no surprise that his foray into mandolin making is working out so well. I love my Muleskinner."

Peter O' Connor / mandolinist / Haywire , Turnip Truck

Andy recently finished a dreadnought style guitar for me. I have honestly never played an instrument that looks as beautiful as it sounds, perfect balance. Warm and round tone. Clear highs and resonant sustain. A true banjo slayer. I have also had the honor of playing most of his mandolins. Andy's mandolins come with the tone, playability and look of an instrument double their price. A true craftsman who cares deeply about his work"

Brian Carroll / multi-instrumentalist

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